Per unit….3€ Box of 9 tapas….24€
Oysters’selection by Joel Dupuch
Parcs de l’impératrice n°3, seaweed butter
6 oysters….12€ 9 oysters….15€ 12 oysters….18€
Grass shrimp with Chef’s mayonnaise* 10€
12 shrimp
Seafood platter 18€
6 oysters, 6 whelk and 6 prawns
Whelks’ plate, Chef’s Aioli* 6€

The Land and Sea soft-boiled egg* 9€
Haddock cream, green aspargus
Cereal trio in a tabbouleh way 7€
Guacamole with smoked paprika
Beef tataki with ginger* 9€
Honey white cabbage and green apples salad
Home smoked Salmon* 11€
Lemon and basilic sorbet, toasted bread
Swordfish Tartare* 12€
Condiments and piquillos, arugula
Semi-cooked fois gras* 14€
Onions chutney with mango and milk bread

Vegan Wok 13€
Fried noodles, crisp vegetables, thai sauce, coriander and peanuts
Beef Wok 16€
Fried noodles, crisp vegetables, thai sauce, coriander, peanuts and marinated beef
Gambas Wok 18€
Fried noodles, crisp vegetables, thai sauce, coriander, peanuts and gambas

The Summery Salad* 14€
Melon and Perigord black ham, melon gaspacho with mint and red fruits, arugula
The Rainbow€ 15€
Tomatoes with smoked burrata, pesto and mesclun
The Caesar 15€
Crispy chicken, soft-boiled egg, parmesan, croutons, romain lettuce and anchovy sauce
The Oceane* 17€
Gambas, swordfish, smoked salmon and haddock, orange fennel and mesclun

Confidentiel Burger 16€
Steak, Osso Iraty, shallots compote, philadelphia, home-made fries, mesclun salad
Italian Beef Tartare* 18€
Preserved tomatoes, parmesan, pesto verde, home-made fries and salad
Pluma of Iberian pig* 22€
Puree, vegetables tian
Lambs chops cooked at the plancha 23€
Tonka bean strong juice, puree and ratatouille
Duck breast with peach and rosemary 24€
Mellow polenta with herbs and green aspargus
Rump of veal « low temperature » 24€
Black olive juice with lemon, fresh tagliatelle and ratatouille
Charolaise entrecote 300g 26€
Pepper sauce, homemade french fries and mesclun

Filets of striped and snacked red mullet* 18€
Blank sauce with piquillos, basmati rice and vegetables tian
Sepia ink risotto 18€
Gambas, seasonal vegetables
Swordfish medaillons lacquered with honey and soja* 22€
Yams puree with ginger and fennel
The Bourride 25€
Gambas, red mullet and swordfish, fish soup with aioli, potatoes and vegetables

Sheep’s cheese plate* 7,50€
Osso Iraty and its black cherry jam
Selection of ripened cheese from Pierre Rollet 10€
Trilogy of the moment from « La Fromagerie de Pierre »

French toast, salted butter caramel 6,50€
Iced nougat, red fruits coulis* 7€
Nougatine, fruits coulis and chocolate chips
Strawberry cake* 7€
Genoise, strawberry, whipped cream
Confidentiel Profiteroles 7,50€
Pina Colada 7,50€
Pineapple, coco and rum
The sweetness basil Lemon and olive oil 7,50€
Steam biscuit, lemon cream and lemon basil sorbet
Chocolate fondue and fresh fruits* 8€
Chocolate milky with caramel, farandole of fresh fruits
Dame Blanche* 7,50€
Chocolat liégeois 7,50€
Café liégeois 7,50€

Our selection of Ice Creams (La Laitière)
ICE CREAM: Vanilla, Black chocolate, Coffee, Caramel, Coco, Mint Chocolate, Stracciatella, Dulce de Leche, Bulgare
SORBET: Lime, Strawberry, Raspberry, Mango, Passion fruit, Peach, Melon
1 scoop 3€
2 scoops 4,50€
3 scoops 6€

Coffee accompanied by 1 Ice Cream scoop of your choice 4,50€

Gourmet Plate
Coffee, Deca, Tea, Infusion 8,50€
Irish Gourmet or Champagne 15€

Fruit Juice or Syrup
Salmon or Steak – Home-made fries
1 scoop of Ice Cream